If you can imagine it, we can probably do it. Sometimes, it’s just a little nip and tuck here and there. Almost every dress we sell off the rack needs to be altered a little. Straps can be lengthened or shortened, hems can be taken up or let out, bra cups can be changed, bodysuits adjusted, adding more here, taking away there, etc…The key is to keep an open mind! WE can do alterations for both fit AND design. If the top is perfect, but the skirt needs a little or vice-versa, we can probably do it. If it doesn’t fit perfectly now, we will do our best to alter it like it was made just for you! We are experts at what we do an almost 100% of the time, we can alter a dress so that you would never know the difference! Measurements & Photos & Notes are always a HUGE help!

*Some alterations may not be possible. Every dress if different and needs to be considered independently. Alterations take on average about 3 weeks to complete, give or take a week depending on the complexity/simplicity of the alterations and our schedule. Charges may apply. We are happy to meet you at events to discuss you alterations and take photos and notes for you, however, we CANNOT take the gown from you at the event. Please plan on sending your dress/dresses back to our studio address along with your notes. This is simply the safe guard for the proper tracking/handling of your gown and we appreciate your understanding. Design to Shine is NOT responsible for tracking gowns returned at events for alterations.*

Guide to buying Our dancewear

“Design is not just what it looks like
and feels like.
Design is how it works.”

Guide to buying-dancewear

Measurement forms

Male and Female measurement forms.
Use our online measurement forms
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Specialty Wear

We design fabulous specialty wear,
exiting Ice Skating costumes, Entertainment,
and many other types of events.